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5 Easy Steps to Writing Quotes on Canva | Chirasree Bose

how to write quotes on canva

Canva is the best and the easiest free design tool for inadept designers like me...and many of you. I mean, come on, we're writers! Not pro designers! But at the same time, we must make our #quotes/thoughts look good on social media. Right? Simple and aesthetic, something that catches the eyeballs.

In this quick guide, I will help you learn how to write quotes using Canva (the free app).

Note: For basic design requirements like writing quotes, etc., you don't need Canva Pro.


Step 1 - Open Canva and Create a Design

Open Canva on a Desktop browser of your choice, log in (or sign up, if you're new), and click "Create a design".

For mobile app users, open Canva on your mobile (the below image screenshot is from the iPhone app but the android one wouldn't be very different) and tap on the "+" icon.


Step 2 - Choose The Size From The Dropdown

Choose "Instagram Post" because that's pretty much the standard and the most suitable size for all social media apps including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp stories.


Step 3 - Time to Write Your Quote!

Here goes your canvas. Paint your words on it.

Look at the left panel of add-ons. Click the "Text" option and select a text type. And it will appear on your canvas.

You can change the font, increase/decrease the font size, change the text color, style, and make other changes to the written quote. The top panel is highlighted in the image below.


Step 4 - Add Graphic Elements (Not a Mandatory Step)

This step just ensures that your quote gets a beauty quotient and grabs some eyeballs real fast. It is up to you to add graphic elements or skip this step.

On the left panel, click "Elements", search on the "search bar" for whatever you're looking to add to the canvas. E.g. Here I have searched for "Sun" and "Face abstract". (You'll find loads of free elements, don't worry!)

You can play around with the elements a little for a more aesthetic feel. E.g. here, I have repositioned the face and put it behind the sun. Then, made it a tad transparent so that it looks obscure.


Step 5 - Add Your Signature

Branding is important. Even for a new writer; definitely, for a more experienced one! Add your signature at the bottom or top, your call!

Ta-da, you're done! Just download the image and share it with the world.

Click "Share" at the top panel, then, "Download", select the "File type" and click the button called "Download."


See, how easy it was to write a quote on #Canva! Give it a try now 💪

Bonus resource - Quote templates on Canva.

Do let me know your thoughts, share your experience with us, and let us know what other app/s you use to write your quotes. We all will learn together and explore #blogging, #writing, #storytelling. Your Canva design tips are also welcome.

Know about me and my books on my website homepage here. You'll find hundreds of quotes on my Instagram and Facebook profiles. If you like them and want to read more, do give me a follow.

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See you all soon...with my next blog...super soon ⌛

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