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How to Juggle Writing and a Full-Time Job - 3 Easy Tips | Chirasree Bose

Most writers would agree that we all, at some point in life, have wondered how to get this going - our passion for writing, for completing that dream manuscript, and everything else that comes tagged along with it!

The reason? Well, we've got a full-time job that needs a hell lot of attention...and time🥺

This post is going to be all about that. And like I always say - from my own experiences (work and life both!) I have been working full-time for the last 10 years as a corporate professional in India and I know how hard it can get at times. But trust me on this - your passion is worth the juggle; it will take some extra time and effort, but it is totally worth it!

👇3 super-helpful tips, easy-to-follow, to help you juggle your full-time job and passion!


1. Set Aside an Hour(At Least) Every Day for Writing

Once I read a quote that said "if you can work 8 hours a day for someone else's dream, you should be able to work at least 2 hours for your own" and it hit hard! Like really, really hard! So what if you can't manage 2 hours, what if your job makes you feel wrung out by the time it's 8 or 9 PM! You can still (YES, YOU CAN!) take out about an hour of time every day. Late night, early morning, whatever. But you can. Of course, if your passion for writing matters that much.

An hour isn't very less. Write 50 words, 100, or 200! Whatever that comes naturally to you within that one hour. Push yourself and get it done. Make it a habit you can't get rid of at any cost, and bam! You'll be well on your way to making it happen - your dream manuscript, a blog, short story, a writing contest you've signed up for, anything!


2. Keep a Plot Structure Handy

Your brain is working all the time, even when you're at your job! It knows how much the story matters to you and it keeps working out the plot much like a trustworthy friend while you're having lunch with your colleagues or taking tea break, or stuck with a monotonous task. This is your chance to quickly note down these details and pointers. Use your note application on your phone to do this whenever possible.

Done? Now, use these pointers to further your story when you finally sit down to write. It'll be easier for you because this way, you aren't wasting time thinking what to write next. Thus, leveraging this one hour you've got for writing.


3. Make The Most of The Weekends

Natural, huh? Of course. You've got to utilize the weekends to get most of the writing done. And that one-hour rule does not (SHOULD NOT) apply to these days. Give it extra time. 2 hours, 4 hours, all afternoon, all morning, your call. But do it. Remember it's your dream, your passion - you have to make it happen even if that means working extra time and putting in more efforts.

When your boss yells at you, you get all high-strung and want to make sure the job is done on time, right? In case of writing (or your goals/passion/dreams), you are your own boss. Be a really tough one at that. Get work done by you.


These tips come from tried and tested methods I myself have applied to get my writing done. And for the record, so far I have written 3 fiction books and am working on the 4th one. All within a matter of 3 years. While keeping on with my full-time job.

So you see, it is not impossible (tough, for sure). Like I said, the efforts and the extra time are all worth it! It's your passion, friend! It should keep the fire in your heart burning!🔥

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Please let me know your thoughts on my blogs - your feedback is welcome 🤗 and will be used to improve the upcoming ones!

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