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3 Simplest Ways to Snap Out of Writer's Block | Chirasree Bose

how to deal with writer's block

So, let's finally address this problem, right? Writer's block.

If you're a writer or an author, you'd know this stubborn snag keeps finding us time and time again. No matter how much we hate it and dread it!

Last year after having published my 3rd book, I had to wait for almost 6 months to be able to start my 4th book. None of the plots I had begun working on ended up materializing, they had all felt so meaningless and ineffective after some days of brain-racking. It was a painful phase for me, and I am sure thousands of writers out there must have felt the same at some point in their writing career.

But guess what, it took me a long time but I eventually found out some ways to get myself back on track. How? Let's have a look -


1. Read Books in The Genre You Want to Write in.

Are you a thriller-fiction writer? Do you have a knack for writing humor stories? Or, do you instead tend to write non-fiction? Whatever... the genre of your choice, if the bug of a block has bitten you, you gotta push the laptop away, like right now! Do not push yourself too much; that's not the way to have it done.

Buy a book, borrow one, or pick one from your desk. Remember it has to be from the same genre that you're trying to write in. Dedicate all your time (your writing and reading time) to reading the book. Do not expect a miracle or something. It's going to take time. But slowly, you'd sense the change occurring.

Ideas will begin to pop in. A new twist will begin to take shape. Maybe you'd know what quirks to give to your protagonist. The possibilities are endless.


2. Go Out, Interact, Observe!

Now, if you tell me "I don't have someone to go out with", that's a silly excuse! Go out on your own and watch the world. The world is the biggest and the best story you'd ever find, with innumerable characters walking in and out of your sight every moment. Observe them all.

See how they walk, what they speak like, their simplest maneuvers, how they interact with people they're with, and everything else that you possible can.

Watch a bus pass by and the characters sitting on the window side, and pick up on the littlest things you can.

If you happen to overhear a random conversation, notice how it unfolds.

Go have a walk around a shopping mall or a park and observe every character's expressions and gaits.

Meet other writers and readers, meet with a friend, and talk for an hour.

Even the slightest interaction can spur a story idea or an image of a character in your head. And bam, come right back home and sit down to write your ideas down.


3. Watch (Whatever) and Chill.

Yes, it helps a lot.

Watch shows and movies on TV or OTT. Anything you like and have been putting off thinking you'd watch later. Now is the time! Sit down, grab a mug of coffee (or tea or anything else 😉), and dive right in. I'd suggest that you watch shows and movies close to the genre you're trying to write in. That way, it'd be easier to discover new ideas and plot twists.

That said, do not copy! That's wrong - like extremely wrong!

Let ideas develop in your head organically as you watch or read something, let them marinate there for some time, and grow into something more meaningful and effective.


But no matter what you do, remember one thing - never give up...

...on writing! Writer's block is common, it happens to every writer and author. You're not alone in it and no way does it mean that you're not worthy of being a writer.

Keep trying out different ways. Rest up. Be stubborn and tell yourself you'll get through this phase. And read a lot. That's the best medicine for every possible disease related to writing.

Do let us know what ways have helped you snap out of writer's block. Anything fun? More effective? Tried and tested? Let us all grow together and become better writers. 😄

This comment section here is for you to share your thoughts and feedback. Keep them coming. 🤗

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