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A Bit About Chirasree

Chirasree Bose is a bestselling Indian author of 3 fiction books, namely Done With Her…, Mrs. Basu’s Uncensored Familism, and There's Blood on Your Heart.


Her debut book grabbed remarkable positions on Amazon bestsellers lists while also getting her the title of ‘the second most popular debut author of India’ in 2019.


Chirasree’s second book, a humor-cum-drama, won the hearts of readers across the country through its clever jabs at societal norms.


Her third book, a crime thriller called 'There's Blood on Your Heart' released in 2021, and the kindle and paperback copies are available in all leading online book stores. The book has been rated 4.4+ on platforms like Amazon and Goodreads and has secured its position on the bestsellers' list on Amazon.


Chirasree is also an editor, content writer, and software engineer with an indomitable passion for art and creativity.

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